sábado, 28 de maio de 2016

MOJO was awesome!

So this week we had the MOJO event where we were able to showcase our game to all the interested enough to come and play it! I have to say it was an awesome experience and even though what we achieved until now was not perfect and had it's fair share of problems, it still managed to take out some reactions that we wished to achieve from the very beginning. The fact that we made these reactions pop out from people with our love and dedication for gaming and game development is what I, personally, wanted to do for a long time and ended up learning a lot about what I should do for a game in order to make it better. All in all I learned a lot about game development over the course of this.

We thank everyone that supported us, the teachers, IST and miniclip, as well as those that had the interest to try out our game, we hope that in a near future we will have this game finished and polished and that those that follow us will be there to try it then.

See ya soon!

sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2016

MOJO experience

Today is my final post at this blog. It was a long road to reach the final development of Hero of Light but we reached it.

 The MOJO event was a great experience, there were a lot of people that wanted to play our game even with some minor bugs present in it. Some of those participants played more than half an hour, which I wasn't expecting at all! Also we received a lot of feedback of our professors and participants, that will help us improve our game, and taught us important lessons that will be useful to our professional work.

Reaching the end of this post I want to give a big thank you to all the people that helped us in the development of our game, such as our Focus Group, our Professors, Miniclip and the participants of the MOJO event.

See you next time!



Time flew rigth by at mojo! It was a great event and I only wish i could have stayed longer (had some evaluations in Alameda during the afternoon). The start was a bit shaky as we were still setting some things up (unfortunately we were evaluated by the teachers at the start) but after we smoothed the testing process out, everything started going really well and the feedback was awesome! 

I also went around a few booths and tested some other games and found out that the average game quality was pretty good at the event wich is great.

For MDJ course, now its time to gather all our work and finish the final reports, but for hero of light, who knows what the future will hold.

Our poster in all it's glory

PS: We also got featured in this exame informatica's report but, unfortunately, I didn't get any cred as I wans't there so they forgot about me. :<


domingo, 22 de maio de 2016

Mojo sprint v2.0


We're still working hard to have everything ready for MOJO.

There's only a few details missing from achieving what we set out to do but we won't be able to use a tutorial level due to lack of time. We'll compesate by having detaileds intructions on paper.

Also, here's our logo:

See you at MOJO!

sexta-feira, 20 de maio de 2016

Time to spice things up!

Just one more week until the MOJO event, so we expect to have everything up and running until then, and we plan on polishing as much as we can visually if we do have the time. For now we're making the final touches on the game, making 3 more types of enemies, special tiles working, menu and upgrades, of which 1 is already done, and 2 are half way done.
See you at MOJO!

Cocos Development week 8

Hello there!

We're reaching the final steps of the development of Hero of Light. Our game can now run multiple levels, with multiple enemies with all the tiles working. During this weekend we will finish some enemy behaviour and add some power upgrades to our hero.

See you in MOJO!

sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2016

Optimizing our code!

This week has been a little slow but still refactoring is finally complete and multiple enemies now roam our map, I am now debugging the powers, and making the UI a bit more attractive while increasing visual feedback for the player, which include cancel sprites for all the powers, and ranges when clicking the enemies and will be helping on optimizing the code further